Unit Objectives

By the end of this unit and the completion of your blog and social media projects, you will:

-Understand the national political and economic conditions of key nations leading up to the war
-Recall the major military events which occured throughout the war
-Define Communism, Fascism, and Monarchism, and understand how they differ from the US Republic
-Analyze the motivations of German, US, British, and Soviet leaders for entering and waging the war
-Describe the interactions between the leaders of the Allied forces
-Interpret popular sentiments within each nation, towards the war and fellow nations
-Understand the role of women on the homefront before, during, and immediately following the war
-Understand the events of the Holocaust and its effect on Jewish identity and culture
-Describe technological advances that occured as a result of the global war effort
-Deduce the future outcomes of the war for the major participant nations
-Analyze the effects of the war on the US economy, society, and government
-Become well versed in the use of web applications and social media for academic purposes

It is highly encouraged that students work not only among their groups, but among the class as a whole to complete and enrich their projects. Please use your peers for inspiration, advice, and guidance, and use this blog as a way to not only receive help from your teacher, but also as a forum for your own ideas and to communicate through comments both with your teacher and your peers. From examples for sources, to techniques for creating audio/visual content, this resource should be an open an active forum to share ideas. And please use the comments as well to let your teacher know if a post is helpful, and if not what could be different, to make the best use of this blog for us all!


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